We did not meet our Kickstarter goal, but it does not mean that Ambition is dead. It is still happening! We have all worked too hard not to bring this great project to life.

We would all like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported us in our kickstarter campaign. Thank you for sharing the link, posting it on your wall, word of mouth advertising and support from a distance. We would especially like to offer a BIG THANK YOU to those of you that donated in the hopes that we would reach our goal.

It is a difficult thing to ask friends, family, peers, co-workers, and complete strangers to support you monetarily for a project. It can test a relationship or make it stronger. Your gratitude will not go unnoticed and we will make sure to include a special thanks for you once the short film is completed.

Thank You:

Madison Lee Lett               Anita Ng                           John Stewart Muller               Darilyn Octave  

Carl                                      Eleanor O'Rorke              George Andrade                      Janelle Pace

Gabrielle Celestin              Chad Elliott                      Chrisón Thompson                 Adam Lopez

Michael Shaw                     Nicholas Vitek                  Willow Lundgren                   Thomas Appleton

John Walker                       Peter Import                    Hailey Jones

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